Our Partners

Integral Group is Proud to Serve the Following Manufacturers :

Manufacturer of the Largest Selection of Canopies & Accessories. #1 Brand in the World! E-Z UP Instant Shelters and Canopies come in a range of sizes, colors and models to fit your industrial shelter needs. Including professional grade, hi vis, promotional and wind resistant models.
Global Glove and Safety
Full line manufacturer of general purpose and disposable gloves all the way up to specialized high performance gloves and safety PPE. Global also manufactures the Bullhead brand of safety eyewear that offers comfort, protection, and performance.
INCOM Manufacturing Group
INCOM specialize in the manufacture and development of advanced non-skid tape solutions for virtually any application. We offer the widest selection of non-skid tapes, reflective and aisle demarcation products in North America.
Lakeland Industries, Inc.
Manufactures industrial protective clothing, including that which is limited-use, disposable, chemical protective, flame resistant, woven/anti-static, aluminized heat resistant, and hand/arm protective products.
Leatherman Tool Group
The leading manufacturer and inventor of Multi-Purpose tools and pocket knives.
U. S. Distributor Leatherman Tool Group of Led Lenser LED lights. Lights which are German engineered with state of the art technology making them some of the most advanced and brightest handheld flashlights and headlamps on the market.
A great tasting, precisely formulated, sugar free electrolyte replacement drink. Overtime™ provides time released energy while being low in sodium and high in potassium, replacing all your body loses during hard work and play. Product comes in bottles, freezer pops, pre-mixed bags and powder mixes.
Safehouse Signs, Inc.
A manufacturer of industrial safety identification products, systems and OSHA, ANSI, DOT, NFPA and EPA compliance products. Their product mix includes Safety Signs, Tags, Marking Tapes, Labels, Traffic Control Products, as well as Pipe and Voltage Markers and Valve Tags. Identification Systems include Right to Know, Lock Out-Tag Out and Confined Space Entry and Hazard Materials Labeling Systems..
Sellstrom Manufacturing Co.
A manufacturer of high quality hard hats, eyewear, face shields, hearing protection, welding helmets/goggles, curtains/blankets, eye/face washes, emergency showers, ADF's/filters and general safety products.
A manufacturer of a full range of plumbed and portable showers and eyewashes to meet virtually any end-user. Combo Showers & Eyewashes, Lab Eyewashes & Showers, Drench Hoses, Tepid Water systems
Tingley Rubber Corporation
High performance protective footwear and clothing for industrial and foul weather applications. For over 100 years, Tingley has protected workers from harsh chemicals, rain and cold wind with high quality boots and suits you can count on for comfort and performance.
Manufacturer of innovative, green certified, industrial cleaning product including surface cleaners, degreasers and hand cleaners. Hand cleaning solutions include waterless and powdered product that are powerful and cost efficient as well as safe for your hands and the environment.



Our area of representation includes, among others, these cities:

Houston, Beaumont, Port Arthur, Pasadena, LaPorte, Deer Park, Texas City, Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Ponca City, Little Rock, Fayetteville, San Antonio, Austin, Victoria, Corpus Christi, San Marcos, Midland, Odessa, Baton Rouge, Geismar, New Orleans, Lake Charles, Shreveport, Biloxi, Jackson and Laurel